Are the downloaded free slots infected

Though many people would love to download the free slots games, most of them are very scared to do so. They are afraid about the fact that the games that they are downloading from the net might be infected with viruses or Trojans and other malware. These people should know that the free slots sites are run by the same people who are running huge physical casinos. There is no way that they will host infected games on their sites which will tarnish their name and reputation.

Apart from that, most such sites host games that are coded by Microgaming, who are famous worldwide for the quality of their free slots games. Each such game is tested many times by beta testers to ensure excellent game play. They are also tested for their audio and video quality. After all, these are the things that online players look out for most. These coders also ensure that the file sizes of the games are not too big so that they can be downloaded over a slow connection too. The most important thing is that they also ensure to see that the free slots games do not contain malware.

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