Microgaming Progressive Slots

Did you know that the progressive slot machines at all online casinos that are powered by the group Microgaming are no longer available for play to United States gamblers? When Microgaming casinos left the USA market they took the progressive games with them. If you are an old player at any of the specific casino’s, you are still allowed to play at their site, but you are not allowed to play at any of their progressive slots? Why is that? This is one of the most unfair terms and conditions that I have seen for an online casino. New online gamblers can’t even register and play at any microgaming casinos now, since the UEIGA bill was introduced to congress, which hopefully will be overturned in the near future, but what then? Will online gamblers for the USA welcome back microgaming casinos with open arms, or will there be resentment over the fact that they allowed pre-existing players keep their accounts with them, but their money wasn’t good enough to play on microgaming progressive machines and would not pay if a USA player won? I don’t know what the logic behind there banning progressive games, but not the rest of the games? I wish someone from microgaming would answer this question and clarify what the reason for this banning is all about; otherwise, I would not welcome them back to the USA market, because we were not treated fairly by them during this time of upheaval with online gaming.