Banned From Free Slots Casinos

How to get banned from free online slots casinos

This seems strange but you should also know what gets you banned from free online slots casinos. Most of these sites are free and depend on their advertisers for the discount coupons they give away as prizes. In order to be fair to all the online visitors, the free online slots casinos do not permit any player from playing more than a specified limit per day. However, there are persons who try various means to bypass these limits. They do not know that there are other sites too where they can play these games and thereby play more rounds per day.


The slots websites of the free online slots casinos have various scripts inbuilt into their server. These scripts log the IP of the visitor. Even if you use different email identities to log in as different users, your IP does not change. While you might feel lucky that you have been able to play on the same site using a different email id, you can be rest assured that this fun will not last for long. Before long you will be summarily banned from playing on that portal.