Fooling the free slots casinos

There are restrictions set up my most free slots casinos. However the type of restrictions set up by all sites are not the same. While some sites make it very difficult for their members to cheat, there are some that can be fleeced. The player has to check it out and learn if the site is well protected or not. If not protected properly, they offer you a chance of playing more free slots games.

While there are some tough free slots sites which tracks a user by their IP address, others are different. It is tough cheating a site that tracks their users by their IP address. Then again there are some that tracks users by their email id. In this case getting email id’s and signing in as different users is very easy. Using this way one wins extra prizes on free slots. Since many players are not accessing the casino slots from their phones they really need to be cautious as if your one of those people who has or have in the past downloaded fun apps on your phone you could have installed spyware which is collecting your information, including banking information. One of the apps hit hard was a free flashlight and it has infected millions of phones all to collect data. So when playing at free slots casinos and you plan on purchasing the casinos are secure but make sure whatever device or your computer are all clear from spyware.