Play free slots today at the online casinos

Are you experiencing some boredom and your looking for something interesting to do, then you might consider playing some free slots at some of the highly respected online casinos. It is a wonderful way to get you out of the same old rut where you can push your adrenaline up when you hit something amazing on the slot machines. Here you can look around at the online casinos that will reward you with a bit of money which means that you can play slots for free. Have you ever pondered why are the owners of the virtual casinos being so generous and offering free versions of the popular slot games? Well, there is a reason behind this logic and at the end it all boils down to attracting the maximum number of visitors to their sites. The popularity of the online casinos depends upon the number of visitors. Since a lot of the casinos have been online for literary years they have a pretty big data base of players built up.

It is keeping these things in mind that the owners of online casinos provide free slots games in their online sites. They know that by doing so, their site will attract lots of new visitors who might play the paid games too in the future. Both the owners of the casinos and the players love this option. The owners love the number of new visitors and the visitors love the opportunity of playing the recently added slot machines. Which means the more volume the odds increase that you may do pretty well at the casino. The machines require so much coin in and coin out play before they pay out, so the more people playing the more often it will hit. When your playing the free slots you will get all advantage as you would playing the slots for real. Many users do prefer just playing slots for fun as there is no stress, just relaxing while seeing what might pop up on the reels. Hitting those bonus rounds and seeing what kind of rewards you can earn or hitting free spins wondering how much will accumulate but if you want to play them for real just click on one of those casinos giving credits away and you just never know you may win a bit or you might win a lot. Either way it will be fun trying.


The best free bonus round slots

There are no prizes for guessing about the best free bonus round slots, especially if you are a regular visitor to the virtual online casinos. Everyone who plays in online casinos knows about Microgaming and the quality of their slots games. It is obvious that the bandleaders of online games should also produce topnotch quality free bonus round slots. Each of their games boasts of unparalleled audio and video effects, guaranteed to thrill the players.

These guys are wizards and keep on producing free bonus round slots on a regular basis and each of their releases seems to be better then the previous ones. No wonder that online players swears by the quality of the games coded by Microgaming If you are really interested in some thrilling game play, do not look further and just settle for a game of free bonus round slots coded by Microgaming. When your playing the bonus round games you might have a hard time picking a machine as they all have different types of bonuses, some might be a bit lame and others are very exciting just depends on which machine you are on at the time. You might start out with small bets until you see all the features then decide later if you want to up your bets. Even some of the progressives have a bonus round as well which is helpful when your down on your money and need to boost your balance up to keep playing for the jackpot.

Fooling the free slots casinos

There are restrictions set up my most free slots casinos. However the type of restrictions set up by all sites are not the same. While some sites make it very difficult for their members to cheat, there are some that can be fleeced. The player has to check it out and learn if the site is well protected or not. If not protected properly, they offer you a chance of playing more free slots games.

While there are some tough free slots sites which tracks a user by their IP address, others are different. It is tough cheating a site that tracks their users by their IP address. Then again there are some that tracks users by their email id. In this case getting email id’s and signing in as different users is very easy. Using this way one wins extra prizes on free slots. Since many players are not accessing the casino slots from their phones they really need to be cautious as if your one of those people who has or have in the past downloaded fun apps on your phone you could have installed spyware which is collecting your information, including banking information. One of the apps hit hard was a free flashlight and it has infected millions of phones all to collect data. So when playing at free slots casinos and you plan on purchasing the casinos are secure but make sure whatever device or your computer are all clear from spyware.

Playing free slots

Playing free slots the safe way

People love to play free slots because they know that they can win prizes online without investing any money. However, in their greed to win, there are some players who try to cheat these online portals. They know that they cannot win more than one prize per day due to limitations set up in these free related slots sites. These players try devious methods to cheat the portals and win more than one prize per day.

It is not recommended that you try to cheat while playing on these online sites. Playing safely and wisely can earn you a good number of prizes on free slots. If required become a member of more than one such site and play in both of them. This way, not only do you increase your chances of winning but your chances of getting banned is reduced drastically. This is the safest way of playing free slots online and winning more than one prize per day. Even those that you collect coins more often are still a pain waiting for them to replenish. Of course you can always buy in for more but it is a waste as those credits will go pretty quickly. Main thing is to have fun even if it is for only a a few minutes to a few hours. If your interested you can play at real online casinos where they have free slots money to give out. Just join up and collect the funds and you can begin to play for a while.